Maison d hotes Toulouse

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Industrial tourism

Every year, new companies open in the curiosity of the private individuals and today in France, 1400 companies, museums or industrial sites receive about 20 millions curious visitors! Industrial tourism today is fashionable … cross the doors of the industrialists and come to drill a little of their mystery. Reservations available at .00 or

* Site Airbus: discover the fascinating world of Airbus. Presentation of the program of the A380 … * visit of the plane of legend in the still unequalled performances this day· * La Dépêche du Midi: commented by a guide, the visit will lead you into the heart of the newspaper, where normally the public is not allowed… * Veolia Eau: the drinkable water supply of Toulouse (4th largest city in France) is mainly assured by the factory of Pech-David with a daily treatment of 150,000 m3. You will discover the main stages of production (the intake of water in the Garonne, the clarification, the ozonation before the distribution)

Cité de l’Esapce

A unique and spectacular park where you enter to investigate the secrets of the universe, multiply the unusual experiences, dive into the spatial worlds thanks to the infinite possibilities of the image. Information available at or

Chambres d'hotes Toulouse

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