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Label Clévacances

Label Clévacances

Clevacances: a recognized mark

Clevacances: a recognized mark The qualitative step of Clévacances was very early noticed by the competent services of the State: On May 30, 1997, Clévacances France became one of two national labels to be recognised by the Ministry of Tourism. With this approval being renewed on July 12, 2004, the French State recognises officially:

* the Quality charter Clévacances, which makes reference to the ministerial decree of classification of the furnished flats of tourism of December 28, 1976 modified in particular by the order of January 8, 1993 and that of April 1, 1997.
* the skills of Professionals’ Clévacances network in visits of classification of tourist accommodations, in narrow connection with the Prefects of Departments.

To be authorized to award the ministerial classification, the technicians of the Network are nevertheless the guarantors of the Charter of national Quality Clévacances France which guarantees the comfort and the security of a certified accommodation, and the homogeneity of the offer, whatever is the chosen destination.

Le Clos d’Arduenna is certified 4 clevacances

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